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About Page Authority Checker

Free Page Authority Checker Tool
[websitename]'s free Page Authority Checker Tool allows anyone to check the Page Authority score for multiple webpages at once without having to enter a captcha. Use our Page Authority Checker tool and determine the strength of your web pages. Simply type in your URLs and hit the "Submit" button. Keep in mind that this tool only checks the authority of a page, not a domain or subdomain. The data is calculated and displayed using the Mozscape web index.

What Benefits Does This Free Tool Provide?
The Page Authority Checker tool checks the authority of a single page or URL, rather than a domain or subdomain. The tool displays a result out of 100 point scale and is logarithmic. Moz predicts what your URL's product will be. The results are determined across thousands of SERP results performed by Google search engine. This free tool is capable of handling bulk URLs. You can get authority results up to 20 URLs at once. The ratings are calculated by combining hundreds of metrics such as link counts, MoazTrust, and MozRank e.t.c. and produces a fluctuated score from time to time. The higher the value or authority of a web page, the higher its search engine rankings will be.

It's also important to understand the distinction between Page Authority and Domain Authority. The first tool calculates the ranks of a single web page, whereas the second tool calculates the rankings of an entire domain.

Difference Between Page and Domain Authority
Moz has produced a number of authority metrics, both direct and indirect. Page Authority and Domain Authority are the most well-known and widely used ones. You should know the distinction between domain authority and page authority tool if you're on the page of Page Authority Checker tool.

While page authority measures the estimated search engine ranking of webpages, domain authority is a metric that measures the visibility and ranking power of a domain or subdomain as a whole. Aside from that, there aren't many distinctions between PA and DA because both the tool serves the same purpose. Unlike any other SEO methods, Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) are difficult to optimize as they include of numerous criteria. Any domain or page authority checker can be used to determine the DA or PA.

How To Optimize Page Authority of a Webpage
A website's Page Authority can be improved by optimizing all the factors. Let's have a look at some tips to boost your Page Authority:
• First, you need to create a page on a high-authority domain.
• Publish fresh, engaging and up-to-date contents for your website. Make sure that the webpage page contents are relevant, elaborated, and free of plagiarism.
• Double-check that your page is totally functional and SEO-friendly.
• Internal links must be included to and from the webpage.
• Acquire as many high-quality incoming links as possible, both in terms of relevance links and external source authority (should be directed to your given page).
• Make sure to use only properly optimized images (in terms of quality and smaller in size for fast loading) in your content.
• Remove any dead or faulty links that may lead to your website.
• Check your webpage PA score daily at least once a week using our reliable and free Page Authority Checker tool.

HOW TO use our Free Page Authority Checker
You can use this tool to determine the Page Authority of multiple websites at once. You can also check your competition's page as well. To use this tool, simply follow these steps:
1. Visit your competitor’s website.
2. Copy the URL of your competitor's website from the search bar.
3. Open our bulk Page Authority Checker and paste the URL.
4. Repeat the steps until you have submitted all of your competitor's URLs in this tool.
5. Press submit and wait for some time to check the page authority of those websites.

Our Free Page Authority Checker is an excellent and reliable tool for conducting competitive research. You can learn where you stand among your classmates and how well your website stands against them. Only by knowing we can think about what our next steps will be. Therefore, it is recommended to closely observe your competitors with similar Page Authority score. Examine the topic content and pages that you're working on and compare them to what your competitors have produced. You should also compare your website content to other websites ranked better than you. The worst thing a webmaster can do for their website is to ignore other better and similar ranking websites. This will assist you in working with and competing against the finest in your niche! Also remember that users prefers to visit websites with a strong reputation, especially when looking for information on useful or sensitive topics like news or health, where reliability is necessary. Our free tool will display the precise results of every website URL submitted, in a neat table form.