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What is Page Size Checker?

Page Size Checker measures the size of your web page in bytes and kilobytes. We’ve created an incredibly simple tool to assist you make your web page more SEO friendly by letting you know the load time of any given URL.

It makes the judgment on two criteria: the time it takes your site to load with standard internet access and, secondly, the bounce rate of your website.

The size of your web page is important to the success and effectiveness of your website. It not only improves the SEO of your website, but it also improves the user experience. To prevent URL bounce rates, it is critical to comprehend and have a concept of your web page size.

However, how can you determine the size of your web page in order to make it more user-friendly and dramatically improve the visual flow for mobile users?

That is where Page Size Checker comes in. With simple algorithms and an accessible and adaptable visual flow, using this application and performing the check does not need a technical expert.

Page Size Checker can assist you in determining the size of your web page. It will point out the issues that are adding to your page’s greater size and reducing the user experience. The size of a web page is determined by many elements, including graphics, advertisements, photos, and typefaces.

You may have been oblivious to the relevance of page size analysis for too long, but if you want to increase traffic and revenue, you need start making your website load quicker.

Page Size Checker may assist you with this by providing accurate findings and statistics about your web page size, allowing you to work on reducing it lighter if necessary.

Why a website page size matters a lot

You’re on the right path if you’re thinking about a suitable size for your website. In actuality, the width of the page is an important consideration in website design. If you pick a width that is greater than the user’s screen resolution, then will see that the page does not completely fit in the browser as well as a horizontal scroll bar appears. As a consequence, the user may miss some important information or feel uneasy functioning with your program. As a consequence, behavioural factors will be reduced.

On the other side, if you choose a width that is too tiny, particularly if your website’s content is relatively thin, your website will have an unpleasant appearance.

The Importance of a Website Page Size Checker in SEO

Today’s high broadband connection rates lead webmasters to believe that they don’t need to worry about web page size and load time. On the other, the element remains critical, both in terms of usability and SEO. According to studies, 16% of users will abandon the website if it takes more than 10 seconds to load, and just a few individuals would wait for even more than 15 seconds. As a result, ignoring the page size and page load time might cost you half of your visitors.

The main criterion is to limit your page size to under 150KB, since search engines will not properly cache pages larger than this. Simply explained, the more the search spider has to stay, the less likely it is to visit your website.

Does Page Size Checker Include Image Size?

No, the tool just computes the size of source code. This tool does not examine the size of attached photos, videos, or other information on the website.

How to Use Page Size Checker?

Page Size Checker is designed with flexibility of use in mind, so that anybody, even those without technical knowledge, may begin working on decreasing the length of their website page when they understand the precise size of their page.

Before we get into how to use our Page Size Checker, let’s take a look at how it works so quickly and accurately that provide you with accurate and exact answers on your website page size.

It tracks the quantity of data and files available on your website. Larger typefaces, as well as excessive advertising, increases the size of the site. When Page Size Checker scans your website, it checks for these things as well as the bounce rate of your URL and the loading duration of your web page.

It takes all of these data, analyzes it, compiles it, and then provides you with a report that indicates your score and the size when checked with all of the material that it contains.

If you’re curious about how to use our Page Size Checker, here’s a step-by-step instruction that will enable you to check the size of numerous web pages at the same time:

    In the URL field, paste the URL that is experiencing delayed loading.
    To start the procedure, click the Submit button. Your request is normally processed in a matter of seconds.
    The outcome of the web pages you pasted will appear next.
    To help you comprehend the size of your web page, the results are given in both bytes and kilobytes.